Laura and Nate

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Our Story

We met in February 2019 during a work event in Cincinnati. We continued to get to know each other at many events following, but it wasn’t until traveling in Singapore, while drinking Singapore Slings and throwing peanut shells on the ground with a group of friends that we realized we had a lot in common.

As our friendship continued from afar, we encountered the pandemic, and unfortunate similar situations - as we both learned what it was like to lose a sibling. As we continued a friendship and would check in with each other, it wasn’t until May 2021, when our paths crossed again at Louisville BBQ, we caught up and managed the grilling together (since no one knew how to use a charcoal grill) So the next day, we went our separate ways (or so we thought), and ended up in the Atlanta airport due to missed connections - we talked about movies, music and sports - and it truly never stopped. Even after Nate heading to Los Angeles, and Laura back to Raleigh - we kept talking, and it was exactly one week later, we drove to meet each other in Charlotte, where we drank coffee, watched the sunrise, and decided that this time, the connection was meant to be.

Fast forward to February 2022, Nate moved to Raleigh, we continued to travel the world, and in September of 2022 he got down on one knee in NJ with a beautiful Manhattan skyline to begin our next chapter.

We are so excited that after two years, this June we get to celebrate with each and everyone of you who has been a part of our journey!